Spring vs EJB

The framework does not impose any specific programming model,
it has become popular in the Java community as an alternative to, replacement for, or
even addition to the Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) model.

Spring vs EJB

Back then, in pre 2006, Spring Framework was introduced as a lighter and definitely easier to work with alternative to EJB. Since then – both alternatives have grown up, learning from each other in the process. EJB, with its current 3.2 version, is quite easy to use, still providing rich feature set which is expected to be implemented on application servers. On the other hand, Spring Framework doesn’t require huge amount of xml anymore, yet it’s keeping its modularity.

Job market

One of the most important reasons why people get certificated is to improve their chances to get a job. If this is your situation now is the right time to get your certificate. Never like today have Spring developers been in such high demand. Almost all the job offers for back-end developers require Spring knowledge. What is the best way to show you have it ? Get your certification now !

Spring and EJB3 comparison ?

This figures shows a main features comparison between the two technologies. Remember that Spring is not always to be considered a technology in contrast with EJB. In most cases, Spring can complement EJB3 by sitting alongside it in your project.

spring certification is the right certification

Just myths!

  • Spring is an XML hell;

    False, you can write exactly 0 lines of XML for a Spring based Web Application

  • Documentation is too long;

    Yes it is true, but Spring is very well documented and you do not need to know everything. Check the section guides and tutorials for learning about Spring.

  • Spring is not portable;

    This is not true. Spring ports easily between app servers (e.g., WebLogic, Tomcat, JBOSS, etc.) because it doesn't depend on them. You can deploy a Spring application in your favourite application server.

Spring vs EJB

This is an excellent video that highlights the differences between Spring and EJB