Spring Professional Certification Resources

The resources below will help you to prepare for the Spring Professional Certification
and pass the final Spring certification exam with higher score.


The Spring official documentation should be the first step in your Spring certification's preparation path. Spring documentation is very well-done, easy to read and exhaustive. The only paradox is that it covers more than what you need to know for passing the final Spring certification test. Compare the documentation list below against the Spring exam topics and study only the required part to pass the Spring certification exam.

  • Spring Framework Reference Documentation: this is the Spring Core bible. It is very accurate and covers all the topic which are part of the Spring certification exams (excluding security topic) and much more. It is composed of about 800 pages and it can be browsed by section in any browser. You should start from there!

  • Spring Security Reference: this documentation covers the whole Spring security aspect. Spring Security is a powerful and highly customizable authentication and access-control framework. It is the de-facto standard for securing Spring-based applications.

  • Spring Framework API: This is the public API documentation for the Spring Framework. It lists all classes and methods that are part of the Spring Framework. It is the best and fastest way to get your hands dirty and to be ready in starting to program using Spring.

  • Spring Course Guide: This is a 23-chapters guide you were given when you took the Spring Core Course.

  • Spring Certification Guide: This short guide has been published by Spring for providing a full list of the topics asked in the Spring certification exam. Before taking the exam you should revisit this guide and make sure you are not missing anything.


Mock exams are your best friend when it comes to understanding if you are ready for taking the real exam OR if you just need to brush up on a specific Spring topic. Our spring mock exams are written by top Spring experts. All authors passed the Spring exam with scores over 94%.

If you can score over the needed threshold to pass our spring mock exams, you are guaranteed to pass the real spring certification exams. Detailed explanations are provided for every single spring certification question. The mock exams are not just for practice, they are spring study guides as well.

  • STUDY FIRST: It seems to be obvious, but you should not skip this step.
    You should first study all the topics in the Spring Certification Guide and only then try your first spring mock exam .

  • FIRST ATTEMPT: When you feel confident that you have at least a basic understanding of all Spring Certification topics, attempt the mock exam. Make a list of the topics where you have difficulty. Be sure to read the detailed explanations provided!

  • GET STRONGER: Reread the list of your weak points and review the Spring reference guide and the Spring course manual for those topics. If you still do not feel confident, you can even repeat the lab for that specific topic.

  • REPEAT: Try another spring mock exam and review topics as needed. Be sure to save the final mock exam for later.

  • LATEST MOCK EXAMS: The spring mock exams we provide are all composed of unique spring certification questions. The mock exams are a representative of what you can expect on the real exam. Try the final mock exam only when you feel very confident with the material or you are near the day of the actual exam. This will give you an accurate projection of the score you will get in the real exam!


There is a series of blogs and forum online that describe the Spring Core Professional experience. Can be worth to take a look at them if you are thinking to get a Spring Certification.

  • Lubos Krnac’s Forum Lubos's forum, with title "Enterprise Integration with Spring Certification study notes and hints", offers an exhaustive overview on how better study to get ready for the final Spring Certification Exam. Before to start to study every student should carefully read his advice!

  • Jeanne’s core Spring 3 Certification experiences: This probably the first born blog about this topic. It is divided in six sections describing study plan, resources which can be consulted and a how a spring test is done.

  • Gavin Lasnitzki experience: Gavin passed the exam with 88%. He reports his experience listing the resources he used and and the Spring certification questions divided by topic. He also published a Spring Certification Study Notes. The link is available in the following spring guides sections.

  • Jakub Staš experience: Jakub well describes the spring course he took showing photos of the spring manual and the electronic equipment he got from the instructor. He breaks down his study plan in five weeks and he provides some very useful Spring Professional Study Notes

  • Piotr Nowicki experience: Piotr explains very well the different kind of spring questions you will encounter. He also explains how to get a soft and a hard copy of the Spring Certification certificate.

  • Spring Java Ranch section: This is a very well-know Java forum. The Spring section has been opened a couple of years ago and it is packed of information and problem solution. You can post here when you do not get enough help by the Spring forum.


Some people that have cleared the Spring Certification, decided to write and share their study guides and tutorials. This is a complete list of the complete most authoritative resoruces:


Some people that have cleared the Spring certification, decided to write and share their study guides and tutorials. This is the list of the most authoritative Spring books and guide:


This is the first published book between the three listed. It is also the one whihc reflects more the exam. If you want to use this book to prepare the certification you should study chapter from 1 to 6, chapter 9 and 10, chapter 12 and 13. These chapters contain all the topics listed in the Spring Exam Study Guide.


This book came later. It diverges from other cookbooks because it presents the background you need to understand the domain in which a solution applies before it offers the specific steps to solve the problem. Attached with the book you will also find a series of useful lab where you can perform some Spring test to verify your Spring Knowledge.


Pro Spring 3 it is an update of the bestselling Pro Spring book, with the latest updates that the Spring Framework offers. This is the most comprehensive Spring book available. This book is for experienced Java developers who may be learning Spring for the first time.