Spring Certified in three steps

Becoming officially Spring Certified demonstrates your understanding of Spring
and it helps to advance in your career as a Spring Developer.

Three steps only

In order to become a Spring certified you will have to go through these three simple steps.

Spring training

You will need to attend one of these professional 4-day Spring Training Course:

Book your test

After the training you will receive a SpringSource Certification exam voucher that you can use at a Pearson Vue Center. Pearson Vue has hundreds of locations all over the world so you are guaranteed to have an exam center near you. You can use the SpringSource Certification exam location finder to see what exam centers are available near you.

Pass your exam

Take and pass the exam and you are now officially Spring Certified! You will get an electronic copy of your certificate, access your VMware profile after few weeks from the exam, and receive a hard copy at your home address if you request it. You will also be entitled to use the Spring logo on your CV and join the network of Spring Certified developers on LinkedIn.